The funding for the MYLO ended 5 years ago when the Government strategy changed. RM Education agreed with the Government to continue hosting the website for free and has done so for the last 5 years without funding. The equipment that is hosting MYLO is now very old and we have taken the decision to close the site. Therefore MYLO will be closing on the 31st July 2015. In order to continue learning languages online have a look at some great language resources in RM Unify.

How does MYLO reward my progress?

In order for MYLO to reward your progress, you need to be registered with MYLO and sign in before you complete any activities.

If you have an account with MYLO, then there are several ways that you can check your progress. When you log in to MYLO, you will see a 'Summary panel' at the top of your homepage, which shows a summary of your progress. This shows your:

  • kudos points
  • badges
  • level
  • rank
  • avatar
Kudos points and 'Badges' are the rewards you earn for particular achievements in MYLO, and these will be explained in the next sections. The 'Level', 'Rank' and appearance of your 'Avatar' depend on the kudos points and 'Badges' you collect and this will be explained in more detail later on.

Kudos points

You can collect kudos points by:

  • completing 'Get ready', 'Jump in' and 'Use it' activities
  • playing a 'Compete' activity
  • submitting a 'Project'
  • commenting on another learner's submitted 'Project'
There are 'Get ready', 'Jump in' and 'Use it' activities for you to complete in both the 'Basics' and 'Challenges' sections. Your highest score is recorded for each of these activities. This means you can try an activity again and again until you achieve the maximum number of kudos points for that activity.

For 'Compete' activities you can win kudos points each time you play, providing of course, that you do well. See How do 'Compete' activities work? for more information on how the scoring works.

For each of the 'Challenges' in MYLO, you can create a 'Project’ by using 'MYLO Create'. You will need to be signed in to save your work. If you are a member of a group, you will be able to submit your 'Project' to your teacher. You will gain kudos points for submitting your work and your teacher can also award kudos points after reviewing it.

The more kudos points you collect, the better, as you will appear higher up the MYLO individual league. You can view your position in the league underneath the 'Summary panel' on your homepage. If you are a member of a group, the kudos points collected by all the members of your group are used to place your school in the MYLO school league.


'Badges' are another important type of reward in MYLO. You earn 'Badges' when you gain an 'Award'. An 'Award' is achieved for exceptional performance as follows:

  • earn a 'Super star' award by correctly completing all the 'Get ready', 'Jump in' and 'Use it' activities in a 'Challenge' or a 'Basics' without using the 'Try again' option
  • earn a 'Gamer' award by playing a 'Compete' activity until you win 40 kudos points in the 'Basics' and 80 kudos points for a 'Compete' in a 'Challenge'
  • earn a 'Celebrity' award when one of your 'Projects' is published. For a 'Project' to be published, you must be a member of a school group. Your teacher can choose to publish a 'Project' you have submitted. Published 'Projects' will appear on the website for everyone to see
If you want to view the 'Awards' you have achieved, then click on the page turn tab in the bottom right-hand corner of your 'Summary panel' on your homepage. You can then view your 'Progress details', which will show your 'Awards'.

'Awards' contribute towards 'Badges' and you can win more of them if you are completing a 'Challenge' than if you are in the 'Basics' section. For example:

  • you gain 1 'Badge' for each award earned when in the 'Basics' section
  • you gain 3 'Badges' for each award earned when in a 'Challenge'
  • you gain 5 'Badges' for each award earned when in a 'Challenge' marked 'Higher GCSE'


Once you have started to collect kudos points and 'Badges', you will start to climb the MYLO 'Levels'. There are 30 'Levels' to progress through. As you advance to each 'Level', you will unlock a new way to customise your 'Avatar'. You might be able to choose a hat, a new pair of glasses, a different hairstyle, or a new buddy or background.

To begin with, 'Level 4' can be reached with just kudos points. You will need:

  • 25 points for 'Level 1'
  • 50 points for 'Level 2'
  • 100 points for 'Level 3'
  • 200 points for 'Level 4'
However, to achieve 'Level 5' you will need to start earning 'Badges'. At first you will only need one 'Badge' to progress to the next 'Level', but eventually you will need to earn 15 extra 'Badges' to get from 'Level 29' to 'Level 30'. As you get to each 'Level', MYLO will let you know how many 'Badges' you need to reach the next one.


There are seven 'Ranks' for you to progress through. You start out as a NEWBIE and if you reach the top you become a LEGEND. You will achieve the following 'Ranks':

  • NEWBIE: when you join MYLO
  • ROOKIE: when you reach Level 5
  • APPRENTICE: when you reach Level 10
  • STAR: when you reach Level 15
  • PRO: when you reach Level 20
  • ICON: when you reach Level 25
  • LEGEND: when you reach Level 30